I’m going to OCD Camp!

It’s official, I’ve turned in my check and secured my spot at Camp DCO (so-called to mess with people’s OCD). This is the camp that gave birth to the Extreme OCD Camp BBC special.

Extreme OCD Camp was unique in that it brought people to Seattle all the way from the U.K. for intensive treatment. From what I understand both the therapy team and BBC had a say in who was selected for the camp. The therapy team wanted to bring people who needed the most help. BBC wanted to send people who had the most interesting stories. They also wanted to maximize the time they had and opted for a longer than normal 9-day trip that included a bit of a wilderness adventure.

Camp DCO was started by the two therapists featured in the BBC special about ten years ago. It is typically attended by eight to ten locals from the Seattle area and lasts two and a half days. There is no long trek, though I believe it’s held at the same campground with the ropes course that is featured in the documentary. Every year they alternate between teens and adults. This year happens to be an adult year and it seems like a once in a lifetime opportunity that I can’t pass up.

So, I’m going to camp!

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