From here on and henceforth my OCD shall be called Peggy.

I’ve mentioned this before, but my neighbor is a child psychologist who treats OCD. He is a friend I can be open with about my OCD experience and we frequently get together to have dinner and chat.

He’s mentioned that one thing he has his clients do is give a name to their OCD as a way to help them externalize and turn OCD into an enemy. It makes it easier to talk to kids about OCD. “Oh, let’s call your OCD Tom. Tom tells you what he thinks will make you feel better. He can be very convincing, but he’s lying.”

He recently told me about one of his clients who decided to name her OCD Peggy, who apparently is a character from the musical Hamilton (which I have not yet seen). I thought I should also name my OCD, but while I was contemplating names and before I decided on a name I just started calling my OCD Peggy too. So I think Peggy is sticking.

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